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Poster of Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes

Release Date: Monday, December 27 1976 (46 years ago)
Portrait of Angela ThorneAngela Thorne
Sylvia Brown
Angela Thorne was:
Portrait of Jane SlaughterJane Slaughter
Jane Slaughter was:
Portrait of Elizabeth MorganElizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan was:
Portrait of Sarah PrinceSarah Prince
Sarah Prince was:
Portrait of Barbara LottBarbara Lott
Barbara Lott was:
Portrait of Joanna DavidJoanna David
Theo Dane
Joanna David was:
Portrait of Sheila KeithSheila Keith
Dr. Jakes
Sheila Keith was:
Portrait of Terence SkeltonTerence Skelton
Mr. Simpson
Terence Skelton was:
Portrait of Mary MorrisMary Morris
Madame Fidolia
Mary Morris was:
Portrait of Martin GoldsteinMartin Goldstein
Martin Goldstein was:
Portrait of Bridget KellyBridget Kelly
Bridget Kelly was:
Portrait of Samantha CloggSamantha Clogg
Samantha Clogg was:
Portrait of Hazel DorlingHazel Dorling
Pianist #2
Hazel Dorling was:
Portrait of Patrick GodfreyPatrick Godfrey
Donald Houghton
Patrick Godfrey was:
Portrait of Ron CookRon Cook
Ron Cook was:
Portrait of Julian HeringtonJulian Herington
Geoffrey Rudkin
Julian Herington was:
Portrait of Vyvian HallVyvian Hall
Vyvian Hall was:
Portrait of John CrockerJohn Crocker
Mr. Barnes
John Crocker was:
Portrait of Edmund KenteEdmund Kente
Stage Manager
Edmund Kente was:
Portrait of Brendan BarryBrendan Barry
Mr. Reubens
Brendan Barry was:
Portrait of Jack LynnJack Lynn
Jack Lynn was:
Portrait of Esmond KnightEsmond Knight
Great Uncle Matthew
Esmond Knight was:
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