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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Once More, with Feeling!

Once More, with Feeling!

Release Date: 1960-02-11 (62 years ago)
Portrait of Yul BrynnerYul Brynner
Victor Fabian
Yul Brynner was:
Portrait of Kay KendallKay Kendall
Dolly Fabian
Kay Kendall was:
Portrait of Geoffrey TooneGeoffrey Toone
Dr. Richard Hilliard
Geoffrey Toone was:
Portrait of Maxwell ShawMaxwell Shaw
Jascha Gendel / Grisha Gendel
Maxwell Shaw was:
Portrait of Mervyn JohnsMervyn Johns
Mr. Alonzo Wilbur Jr.
Mervyn Johns was:
Portrait of Martin BensonMartin Benson
Luigi Bardini
Martin Benson was:
Portrait of Harry LockartHarry Lockart
Harry Lockart was:
Portrait of Gregory RatoffGregory Ratoff
Maxwell Archer
Gregory Ratoff was:
Portrait of Shirley Anne FieldShirley Anne Field
Angela Hooper
Shirley Anne Field was:
Portrait of Colin DrakeColin Drake
Doctor (uncredited)
Colin Drake was:
Portrait of Andrew FauldsAndrew Faulds
Interviewer (uncredited)
Andrew Faulds was:
Portrait of Barbara HallBarbara Hall
Secretary (uncredited)
Barbara Hall was:
Portrait of Grace NewcombeGrace Newcombe
Mrs. Wilbur (uncredited)
Grace Newcombe was:
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