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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Die Rebellin

Die Rebellin

Release Date: 2009-01-05 (11 years ago)
Alexandra Neldel
Lena Berkow
Alexandra Neldel was:
David Rott
Hans Sattler
David Rott was:
Anna Fischer
Betty Berkow
Anna Fischer was:
Sebastian Bezzel
Walter Juskowiak
Sebastian Bezzel was:
Saskia Vester
Hilde Berkow
Saskia Vester was:
Friedrich von Thun
Wilhelm Sattler
Friedrich von Thun was:
Michael Mendl
Ferdinand Möbius
Michael Mendl was:
Vadim Glowna
Dr. Severin Bronsky
Vadim Glowna was:
Ulrike Folkerts
Olga Schmitt
Ulrike Folkerts was:
Dominique Horwitz
Gustav Berkow
Dominique Horwitz was:
Rosel Zech
Alma Sattler
Rosel Zech was:
Bettina Redlich
Karin Sedlmayr
Bettina Redlich was:
Horst Kummeth
Josef Steiner
Horst Kummeth was:
Alexander Beyer
Peter Sattler
Alexander Beyer was:
Nikola Kastner
Valerie von Gluck
Nikola Kastner was:
Josef Ostendorf
Arturo Bellini
Josef Ostendorf was:
Martin Brambach
Martin Brambach was:
Simone von Zglinicki
Herta Juskowiak
Simone von Zglinicki was:
Christian Näthe
Heinz-Hugo Heintze
Christian Näthe was:
Robert Seeliger
Sergeant Mahowny
Robert Seeliger was:
Yvonne Johna
Nadja Kumerova
Yvonne Johna was:
Andreas Schmidt
Andreas Schmidt was:
Angelika Bender
Engelmacherin (voice)
Angelika Bender was:
Jean-Luc Julien
Jean-Luc Julien was:
Stephanie Kellner
Sattlers Sekretärin (voice)
Stephanie Kellner was:
Erich Ludwig
Ansbach (voice)
Erich Ludwig was:
Celine Möller
Lena Berkow
Celine Möller was:
Bernhard Marsch
Woodrow Carter / Grenzbeamter
Bernhard Marsch was:
Elena Wegner
TV Show Audience Member
Elena Wegner was:
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