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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

She's the Man

She's the Man

Release Date: 2006-03-17 (15 years ago)
Amanda Bynes
Viola Hastings
Amanda Bynes was:
Channing Tatum
Duke Orsino
Channing Tatum was:
Laura Ramsey
Olivia Lennox
Laura Ramsey was:
Vinnie Jones
Coach Dinklage
Vinnie Jones was:
David Cross
Horatio Gold
David Cross was:
Julie Hagerty
Daphne Hastings
Julie Hagerty was:
Robert Hoffman
Justin Drayton
Robert Hoffman was:
Alexandra Breckenridge
Monique Valentine
Alexandra Breckenridge was:
Jonathan Sadowski
Paul Antonio
Jonathan Sadowski was:
Amanda Crew
Amanda Crew was:
Jessica Lucas
Jessica Lucas was:
Brandon Jay McLaren
Brandon Jay McLaren was:
Clifton MaCabe Murray
Clifton MaCabe Murray was:
James Snyder
Malcolm Festes
James Snyder was:
James Kirk
Sebastian Hastings
James Kirk was:
Emily Perkins
Eunice Bates
Emily Perkins was:
Robert Torti
Coach Pistonek
Robert Torti was:
Lynda Boyd
Lynda Boyd was:
John Pyper-Ferguson
Roger Hastings
John Pyper-Ferguson was:
Katie Stuart
Katie Stuart was:
Colby Wilson
Colby Wilson was:
Jeffrey Ballard
Jeffrey Ballard was:
Brenda McDonald
Old Lady in Beauty Parlor
Brenda McDonald was:
Patricia Idlette
Science Teacher
Patricia Idlette was:
Ken Kirby
Ken Kirby was:
Alberto Ghisi
9 Year Old Boy
Alberto Ghisi was:
David Richmond-Peck
David Richmond-Peck was:
Mark Acheson
Mark Acheson was:
Dee Jay Jackson
Cab Driver
Dee Jay Jackson was:
Barbara Kottmeier
Passing Girl
Barbara Kottmeier was:
Chad Krowchuk
Guy at School
Chad Krowchuk was:
Cassandra Sawtell
Tilt-a-Whirl Girl
Cassandra Sawtell was:
Stuart Cowan
Tall Nerdy Guy
Stuart Cowan was:
Debbie Timuss
Debbie Timuss was:
Michelle Brownlee
Michelle Brownlee was:
Mara Branscombe
Mara Branscombe was:
Katharine Horsman
Katharine Horsman was:
Alex Price
Alex Price was:
Natasha Gorrie
Natasha Gorrie was:
Deena Minichiello
Deena Minichiello was:
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