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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Sex Drive

Sex Drive

Release Date: 2008-10-16 (12 years ago)
Josh Zuckerman
Ian Lafferty
Josh Zuckerman was:
Amanda Crew
Amanda Crew was:
Clark Duke
Clark Duke was:
James Marsden
Rex Lafferty
James Marsden was:
Seth Green
Seth Green was:
Alice Greczyn
Alice Greczyn was:
Katrina Bowden
Ms. Tasty
Katrina Bowden was:
Charlie McDermott
Charlie McDermott was:
Dave Sheridan
Bobby Jo
Dave Sheridan was:
Allison Weissman
Allison Weissman was:
Andrea Anders
Andrea Anders was:
Shelly Frasier
Dental Receptionist
Shelly Frasier was:
Mark L. Young
Mark L. Young was:
Matthew Ramsey
Mall Prankster
Matthew Ramsey was:
Caley Hayes
Caley Hayes was:
Massiel Perdomo
Undressed Abstinence Dancer
Massiel Perdomo was:
Brett Rice
Mr. Lafferty
Brett Rice was:
John Ross Bowie
Dr. Clark Teddescoe
John Ross Bowie was:
Brian Posehn
Brian Posehn was:
Michael Cudlitz
Michael Cudlitz was:
David Koechner
David Koechner was:
Cole Petersen
Dylan Lafferty
Cole Petersen was:
Kim Ostrenko
Mrs. Lafferty - Ian's Stepmom
Kim Ostrenko was:
Scott Klace
Lance's Dad
Scott Klace was:
Cleo King
Abstinence Host
Cleo King was:
Susie Abromeit
Cousin Tiffany
Susie Abromeit was:
Pete Wentz
Self (Fall Out Boy)
Pete Wentz was:
Patrick Stump
Self (Fall Out Boy)
Patrick Stump was:
Joe Trohman
Self (Fall Out Boy)
Joe Trohman was:
Andrew Hurley
Self (Fall Out Boy)
Andrew Hurley was:
Kyle Gass
Kyle Gass was:
Jessica Just
Jessica Just was:
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