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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Big City

Big City

Release Date: 1937-09-03 (83 years ago)
Luise Rainer
Anna Benton
Luise Rainer was:
Spencer Tracy
Joe Benton
Spencer Tracy was:
Charley Grapewin
Robert, the Mayor
Charley Grapewin was:
Janet Beecher
Sophie Sloane
Janet Beecher was:
Eddie Quillan
Mike Edwards
Eddie Quillan was:
Victor Varconi
Paul Roya
Victor Varconi was:
Oscar O'Shea
John C. Andrews
Oscar O'Shea was:
Helen Troy
Lola Johnson
Helen Troy was:
William Demarest
Mr. Beecher
William Demarest was:
John Arledge
John Arledge was:
Irving Bacon
Jim Sloane
Irving Bacon was:
Guinn Williams
Danny Devlin
Guinn Williams was:
Regis Toomey
Fred Hawkins
Regis Toomey was:
Edgar Dearing
Tom Reilley
Edgar Dearing was:
Paul Harvey
District Attorney Gilbert
Paul Harvey was:
Andrew Tombes
Inspector Matthews (as Andrew J. Tombes)
Andrew Tombes was:
Clem Bevans
Grandpa Sloane
Clem Bevans was:
Grace Ford
Mary Reilley
Grace Ford was:
Alice White
Peggy Devlin
Alice White was:
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey was:
James J. Jeffries
Jim Jeffries
James J. Jeffries was:
Jimmy McLarnin
Jimmy McLarnin
Jimmy McLarnin was:
Maxie Rosenbloom
Maxie Rosenbloom
Maxie Rosenbloom was:
Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe was:
Frank Wykoff
Frank Wycoff
Frank Wykoff was:
Jackie Fields
Jackie Fields
Jackie Fields was:
Man Mountain Dean
Man Mountain Dean
Man Mountain Dean was:
Gus Sonnenberg
Gus Sonnenberg
Gus Sonnenberg was:
George Godfrey
George Godfrey
George Godfrey was:
Joe Rivers
Joe Rivers
Joe Rivers was:
Cotton Warburton
'Cotton' Warburton
Cotton Warburton was:
Bull Montana
Bull Montana
Bull Montana was:
Rex 'Snowy' Baker
'Snowy' Baker (as Snowy Baker)
Rex 'Snowy' Baker was:
Taski Hagio
Taski Hagio
Taski Hagio was:
Abdullah Abbas
Abdullah Abbas (uncredited)
Abdullah Abbas was:
Barbara Bedford
Woman Who Screams (uncredited)
Barbara Bedford was:
Francis X. Bushman Jr.
Banquet Doorman (uncredited)
Francis X. Bushman Jr. was:
Ruth Hussey
Mayor's Secretary (uncredited)
Ruth Hussey was:
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