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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Bunco Squad

Bunco Squad

Release Date: Friday, September 1 1950 (71 years ago)
Portrait of Robert SterlingRobert Sterling
Det. Sgt. Steve Johnson
Robert Sterling was:
Portrait of Joan DixonJoan Dixon
Grace Bradshaw / Bride in Film
Joan Dixon was:
Portrait of Ricardo CortezRicardo Cortez
Tony Weldon / Anthony Wells
Ricardo Cortez was:
Portrait of Douglas FowleyDouglas Fowley
Det. Sgt. Mack McManus
Douglas Fowley was:
Portrait of Elisabeth RisdonElisabeth Risdon
Jessica Royce
Elisabeth Risdon was:
Portrait of Marguerite ChurchillMarguerite Churchill
Barbara Madison
Marguerite Churchill was:
Portrait of John KelloggJohn Kellogg
Fred Reed
John Kellogg was:
Portrait of Bernadene HayesBernadene Hayes
Princess Liane
Bernadene Hayes was:
Portrait of Robert BiceRobert Bice
Drake / The Swami
Robert Bice was:
Portrait of Vivien OaklandVivien Oakland
Annie Cobb
Vivien Oakland was:
Portrait of DanteDante
Dante the Magician
Dante was:
Portrait of Fred AldrichFred Aldrich
Bunco Unit Detective at Desk (uncredited)
Fred Aldrich was:
Portrait of Gertrude AstorGertrude Astor
Club Patron (uncredited)
Gertrude Astor was:
Portrait of Tol AveryTol Avery
Police Captain Edwards (uncredited)
Tol Avery was:
Portrait of Rand BrooksRand Brooks
Robert (uncredited)
Rand Brooks was:
Portrait of Jack ChefeJack Chefe
Maitre D' (uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
Portrait of James ConatyJames Conaty
Bride's Father in Film (uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Portrait of James CravenJames Craven
Swenson (uncredited)
James Craven was:
Portrait of Victor CutlerVictor Cutler
Mistaken Bridegroom in Film (uncredited)
Victor Cutler was:
Portrait of Don DillawayDon Dillaway
Bible Salesman (uncredited)
Don Dillaway was:
Portrait of Art DupuisArt Dupuis
Golfer (uncredited)
Art Dupuis was:
Portrait of Dick ElliottDick Elliott
Thurman (uncredited)
Dick Elliott was:
Portrait of Elizabeth FlournoyElizabeth Flournoy
Beautician (uncredited)
Elizabeth Flournoy was:
Portrait of Pauline GaronPauline Garon
Mary (uncredited)
Pauline Garon was:
Portrait of John HamiltonJohn Hamilton
John Deming (uncredited)
John Hamilton was:
Portrait of Robert F. HillRobert F. Hill
Preacher (uncredited)
Robert F. Hill was:
Portrait of Earle HodginsEarle Hodgins
Professor Markett (uncredited)
Earle Hodgins was:
Portrait of Richard IrvingRichard Irving
Danny Bowman (uncredited)
Richard Irving was:
Portrait of Donald KerrDonald Kerr
Bunco Truck Driver (uncredited)
Donald Kerr was:
Portrait of Harry LauterHarry Lauter
James Worth (uncredited)
Harry Lauter was:
Portrait of Grace LeonardGrace Leonard
Gypsy Fortune Teller (uncredited)
Grace Leonard was:
Portrait of Thomas MartinThomas Martin
Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
Thomas Martin was:
Portrait of Al MurphyAl Murphy
Cabbie (uncredited)
Al Murphy was:
Portrait of Forbes MurrayForbes Murray
Bunco Victim (uncredited)
Forbes Murray was:
Portrait of Marie OsborneMarie Osborne
Clerk at Cleaning Shop (uncredited)
Marie Osborne was:
Portrait of John ParrishJohn Parrish
Detective Rand (uncredited)
John Parrish was:
Portrait of Edwin RochelleEdwin Rochelle
Gangster (uncredited)
Edwin Rochelle was:
Portrait of Norman StevansNorman Stevans
Citizen (uncredited)
Norman Stevans was:
Portrait of Ann TyrrellAnn Tyrrell
Miss Dilby (uncredited)
Ann Tyrrell was:
Portrait of Dale Van SickelDale Van Sickel
Cop at Car Crash Site (uncredited)
Dale Van Sickel was:
Portrait of Frank WilcoxFrank Wilcox
Mike Finlayson (uncredited)
Frank Wilcox was:
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