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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2015-10-15 (5 years ago)
Olga Kurylenko
Alexis Farraday
Olga Kurylenko was:
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman was:
James Purefoy
Mr. Washington
James Purefoy was:
Jenna Saras
Jenna Saras was:
Lee-Anne Summers
Penny Fuller
Lee-Anne Summers was:
Marian Frizelle
Party Guest
Marian Frizelle was:
Dylan Edy
Black Hat
Dylan Edy was:
Sabine Palfi
Sabine Palfi was:
Lisa Leonard
Lisa Leonard was:
Ebby Weyime
Officer in charge
Ebby Weyime was:
Aidan Whytock
Captain De Lange
Aidan Whytock was:
Karl Thaning
Doug MacArthur
Karl Thaning was:
Colin Moss
Kevin Fuller
Colin Moss was:
Lee Raviv
Little girl
Lee Raviv was:
Shelley Nicole
Ms. Clinton
Shelley Nicole was:
Richard Lothian
Mr. Jefferson
Richard Lothian was:
Brendan Murray
Raymond Kelly
Brendan Murray was:
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox was:
Eva-Marie Fredric
Party Guest
Eva-Marie Fredric was:
Joe Vaz
Bank Manager
Joe Vaz was:
Grant Roberts
Secret Service Agent
Grant Roberts was:
Greg Kriek
Mr. Monroe
Greg Kriek was:
Scot Cooper
Officer #1
Scot Cooper was:
Chloe Kirby
Senator's Aide
Chloe Kirby was:
Debra Sullivan
Party Guest
Debra Sullivan was:
Anselmo Martini
Dinner Guest
Anselmo Martini was:
Brett Williams
Male Teller
Brett Williams was:
Rhobye Wyatt
Senator's Wife
Rhobye Wyatt was:
Tudor Petruț
Government Official
Tudor Petruț was:
Sascha Rasmussen
Mr. Childress
Sascha Rasmussen was:
Hlomla Dandala
Mr. Madison
Hlomla Dandala was:
Henie Bosman
Huge Man
Henie Bosman was:
Donald A. Barton
Admiral Harris
Donald A. Barton was:
Robert Madison
General Resnick
Robert Madison was:
Kingsley Pearson
Matthew Fuller
Kingsley Pearson was:
Wayne Harrison
Interpol Officer #1
Wayne Harrison was:
Daniele Tripepi
Hotel Security Guard
Daniele Tripepi was:
Michael Kirch
Michael Kirch was:
Thandiwe Mesele
Xhosa Newscaster
Thandiwe Mesele was:
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