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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of El barrendero

El barrendero

Release Date: Wednesday, May 5 1982 (40 years ago)
Portrait of CantinflasCantinflas
Cantinflas was:
Portrait of María SortéMaría Sorté
María Sorté was:
Portrait of Ursula PratsUrsula Prats
Ursula Prats was:
Portrait of Eduardo AlcarazEduardo Alcaraz
Don Chafas
Eduardo Alcaraz was:
Portrait of Federico GonzálezFederico González
Supervisor Molina
Federico González was:
Portrait of Antonio ZubiagaAntonio Zubiaga
Ladron flaco
Antonio Zubiaga was:
Portrait of Sara GuaschSara Guasch
Mujer rubia en fiesta
Sara Guasch was:
Portrait of José Luis AvendañoJosé Luis Avendaño
José Luis Avendaño was:
Portrait of Roxana ChávezRoxana Chávez
Roxana Chávez was:
Portrait of Alberto CataláAlberto Catalá
Alberto Catalá was:
Portrait of Alfredo Gutiérrez 'El Turco'Alfredo Gutiérrez 'El Turco'
Delegado de policia
Alfredo Gutiérrez 'El Turco' was:
Portrait of Adalberto ArvizuAdalberto Arvizu
Adalberto Arvizu was:
Portrait of Gerardo del CastilloGerardo del Castillo
Secretario general
Gerardo del Castillo was:
Portrait of Lina MichelLina Michel
Criada Francesa
Lina Michel was:
Portrait of Evita MuñozEvita Muñoz
Evita Muñoz was:
Portrait of Mariela FloresMariela Flores
Mariela Flores was:
Portrait of Julio MonterdeJulio Monterde
Invitado a fiesta (uncredited)
Julio Monterde was:
Portrait of Marcelo VillamilMarcelo Villamil
Invitado a fiesta (uncredited)
Marcelo Villamil was:
Portrait of José NájeraJosé Nájera
Padre de bebe abandonado (uncredited)
José Nájera was:
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