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Demetrius Wren

Bio: Demetrius Wren recently released his latest narrative feature, Rehabilitation of the Hill, which explores how the ongoing effects of gentrification play out in a Black community in Pittsburgh through a You've Got Mail-esque love story. He graduated from the FSU Film School, concentrating in screenwriting and directing, where he was mentored by Academy Award winner Barry Jenkins
Born: Unknown birthdate.
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Poster of Rehabilitation of the Hill
Rehabilitation of the Hill
Demetrius Wren was
? in Rehabilitation of the Hill
Cinematography, Director, Editor, Producer, Writer'.
Thu, May 14 2020
Poster of Saudade?
Demetrius Wren was
? in Saudade?
Sun, Aug 18 2013
Poster of Streetball
Demetrius Wren was
? in Streetball
Sun, Oct 24 2010
Poster of Lazaretto
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0+ in Lazaretto

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