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Christina Wren

Bio: Christina Wren most recently released her comedy series, Hicksters, that follows a spunky Hijabi and her metro Black husband who inherit a farm in Trump country and begin their wildest adventure as the new neighbors no one could have expected. Hicksters was a Sundance Lab Finalist and was inspired by Christina’s life as the daughter of a dad from the Middle East and a mom from Iowa who then herself grew up in urban America
Born: Mon, Dec 03 1984
Birthplace: New Jersey, USA
Christina Wren is 39 years old
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Poster of Rehabilitation of the Hill
Rehabilitation of the Hill
Christina Wren was
35 in Rehabilitation of the Hill
Thu, May 14 2020
Poster of Saudade?
Christina Wren was
28 in Saudade?
Producer, Writer'.
Sun, Aug 18 2013
Poster of Streetball
Christina Wren was
25 in Streetball
Sun, Oct 24 2010
Poster of Lazaretto
Christina Wren will be
39+ in Lazaretto

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