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Portrait of Wendy Schaal

Wendy Schaal

Born: Fri, Jul 02 1954
years old
Poster of There Goes the Neighbourhood: The Making of The 'Burbs
There Goes the Neighbourhood: The Making of The 'Burbs
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Herself
Mon, Sep 15 2014
Poster of Loving Annabelle
Loving Annabelle
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Senator Tillman
Thu, May 24 2007
Poster of American Dad!: The New CIA
American Dad!: The New CIA
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Francine Smith (voice)
Fri, Apr 08 2005
Poster of Holiday in the Sun
Holiday in the Sun
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Jill
Sat, Nov 10 2001
Poster of Small Soldiers
Small Soldiers
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Marion Fimple
Fri, Jul 10 1998
Poster of Out There
Out There
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Paige Davis
Sun, Nov 19 1995
Poster of Reform School Girl
Reform School Girl
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Velmont Girl
Fri, Sep 23 1994
Poster of My Girl 2
My Girl 2
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Emily Pommeroy
Fri, Feb 11 1994
Poster of Going Under
Going Under
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Jan Michaels
Fri, Aug 23 1991
Poster of The 'Burbs
The 'Burbs
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Bonnie Rumsfield
Fri, Feb 17 1989
Poster of Bright Lights, Big City
Bright Lights, Big City
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Additional Voices (voice)
Fri, Apr 01 1988
Poster of *batteries not included
*batteries not included
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Pamela
Fri, Dec 18 1987
Poster of Innerspace
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Wendy
Tue, Jun 30 1987
Poster of When the Time Comes
When the Time Comes
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Laura
Thu, May 28 1987
Poster of Munchies
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Marge Mavalle
Sun, Mar 01 1987
Poster of Creature
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Beth Sladen
Wed, May 08 1985
Poster of Where the Boys Are
Where the Boys Are
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Sandra Roxbury
Fri, Apr 06 1984
Poster of Record City
Record City
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Lorraine
Wed, Feb 08 1978
Poster of Bound for Glory
Bound for Glory
Wendy Schaal was:
Played: Mary Jo Guthrie
Sun, Dec 05 1976
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