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Thomas Schmauser

Thomas Schmauser

Born: Thu, Nov 30 1972
years old
Die Bestatterin - Die unbekannte Tote
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Jörg Waibel
Thu, Jan 28 2021
Schwarzach 23 - und das mörderische Ich
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Herrmann Böhm
Mon, Aug 24 2020
Der große Rudolph
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Rudolph Moshammer
Wed, Sep 19 2018
Come What May
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Arriflex
Wed, Nov 04 2015
Schwarzach 23 - Und die Hand des Todes
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Hermann Bohm
Sat, Oct 24 2015
Die Frau aus dem Moor
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Karl Bauer
Mon, Jun 30 2014
Bamberger Reiter. Ein Frankenkrimi
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Kommissar Peter Haller
Fri, Oct 19 2012
Lena Fauch und die Tochter des Amokläufers
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Reiner Karlstadt
Mon, Oct 08 2012
Mein Leben im Off
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Frank
Thu, Jan 21 2010
Räuber Kneißl
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Gendarm Förtsch
Thu, Aug 21 2008
Freiwild - Ein Würzburg-Krimi
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Peter Haller
Sat, Apr 12 2008
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Benno Dargatz
Wed, May 31 2006
Fed Up!
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Manfred
Fri, Dec 09 2005
In Liebe eine Eins
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Hagen Frey
Tue, Nov 29 2005
Joyeux Noel
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: The Crown Prince
Wed, Nov 09 2005
Und die Braut wusste von nichts
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Alex Reutermann
Tue, Jan 01 2002
Auf Herz und Nieren
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: (uncredited)
Sat, Nov 17 2001
Ufos über Waterlow
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Gefreiter Asch
Tue, Sep 29 1998
It's a Jungle Out There
Thomas Schmauser was:
Played: Simon
Sat, Sep 30 1995
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