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Taško Načić

Taško Načić

Born: Unknown birthdate.
years old
Attack Against the Assembly
Played: Lider svingerske partije
Wed, Jan 01 1992
Sekula Innocent Accused
Played: Šljiva
Wed, Jan 01 1992
Tight Skin 4
Played: Batler Milorad
Thu, Nov 28 1991
Sekula Is Getting Married Again
Played: Šljiva
Tue, Jan 01 1991
Meeting Place
Played: Ilija Rajković
Sun, Feb 26 1989
The Cabinet Minister's Wife
Played: Rista Todorović
Sun, Jan 01 1989
Played: Bure
Tue, Jun 21 1988
A Weekend of Deceased Persons
Played: Tomislav
Thu, Jun 09 1988
Weird Years
Played: Seljak Rajko
Fri, Jan 01 1988
It Isn't Easy to Get Along with Men
Played: Recepcioner I
Mon, Mar 18 1985
Hi, Inspector
Played: Tatica
Sat, Mar 02 1985
Strangler vs Strangler
Played: Pera Mitić
Mon, Jun 18 1984
Unseen Wonder
Played: Baro
Thu, Jan 26 1984
Watch Your Step
Played: Ljubin otac
Tue, Jan 10 1984
Pig Father
Played: Sukijašević
Thu, Jan 01 1981
Who's Singin' Over There?
Played: The Hunter
Tue, Jan 01 1980
Played: Kuvar
Mon, May 01 1978
Fri, Jun 06 1975
Played: Mušterija 2
Thu, Jul 26 1973
King Ubu
Played: Kotis
Mon, Jan 01 1973
The Master and Margaret
Played: Rimsky
Sat, Jul 15 1972
Boxers Go to Heaven
Played: Nurse
Thu, Jul 13 1967
The Time of Love
Played: Milutin (segment "Put")
Sun, Jul 10 1966
Whistle at Eight
Played: Tip u mantilu I
Mon, Aug 13 1962
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