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Santiago Ziesmer

Santiago Ziesmer

Born: Sat, Jul 25 1953
years old
Under ConTroll
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: César
Tue, Oct 06 2020
Goblin 2
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: César la Maitresse
Sat, Oct 12 2019
Leipzig von oben
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Iron Doof
Tue, Apr 05 2016
I like
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Pensioner
Thu, Oct 09 2014
The 7th Dwarf
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Mini-Zwerg (voice)
Wed, Sep 24 2014
Planet USA
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Small Scrawny Little Man
Tue, Dec 31 2013
Proll Out
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Prollians
Thu, Mar 21 2013
The Founder
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Torok
Fri, Dec 21 2012
Little Big Panda
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Kung Fucious (voice)
Thu, Feb 03 2011
The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II - The Secret of Kottlitz Castle
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Spongebob (voice)
Mon, May 21 2007
Oh, wie schön ist Panama
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Posthase
Wed, Sep 20 2006
The Little Polar Bear
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: 1. Möwe (voice)
Thu, Oct 04 2001
Letzte Chance für Harry
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Friedrich
Wed, Dec 23 1998
Reineke Fuchs
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Grimbart (voice)
Sun, Jan 01 1989
Stowaways on the Ark
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Max Specht
Thu, Apr 14 1988
Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot
Santiago Ziesmer was:
Played: Zauberer Gritzegrimm
Sat, Feb 19 1983
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