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Portrait of Raymond Guth

Raymond Guth

Born: Thu, May 29 1924
years old
Poster of The Last Dance
The Last Dance
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Mr. Pullman
Sun, Oct 29 2000
Poster of Nightmare at Bittercreek
Nightmare at Bittercreek
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Gil Proctor
Tue, May 24 1988
Poster of Some Kind of Hero
Some Kind of Hero
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Motel Clerk
Fri, Apr 02 1982
Poster of The Onion Field
The Onion Field
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Prison Guard #2
Sun, Sep 09 1979
Poster of Ebony, Ivory and Jade
Ebony, Ivory and Jade
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Conductor
Fri, Aug 03 1979
Poster of Bound for Glory
Bound for Glory
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Hobo
Sun, Dec 05 1976
Poster of Silver Streak
Silver Streak
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Night Watchman
Fri, Dec 03 1976
Poster of The Big Bus
The Big Bus
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Farmer
Wed, Jun 23 1976
Poster of The Blue Knight
The Blue Knight
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Lieutenant Hilliard
Sun, Nov 11 1973
Poster of Emperor of the North
Emperor of the North
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Preacher
Wed, May 23 1973
Poster of Bad Company
Bad Company
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Jackson
Sun, Oct 08 1972
Poster of The Culpepper Cattle Co.
The Culpepper Cattle Co.
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Cook
Sat, Apr 15 1972
Poster of The Grissom Gang
The Grissom Gang
Raymond Guth was:
Fri, May 28 1971
Poster of Monte Walsh
Monte Walsh
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Sunfish Perkins
Fri, Oct 02 1970
Poster of The Reivers
The Reivers
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Uncle Ike
Thu, Dec 25 1969
Poster of The Arrangement
The Arrangement
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Guard (uncredited)
Tue, Nov 18 1969
Poster of The Hostage
The Hostage
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Sam Morton
Mon, Oct 23 1967
Poster of The Flim-Flam Man
The Flim-Flam Man
Raymond Guth was:
Played: First Fertilizer Man
Tue, Aug 22 1967
Poster of Operation Bikini
Operation Bikini
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Seaman Rich (uncredited)
Tue, Mar 26 1963
Poster of The Young Captives
The Young Captives
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Mr. Kingston
Sun, Feb 01 1959
Poster of The Bonnie Parker Story
The Bonnie Parker Story
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Louisiana Sheriff (uncredited)
Wed, May 28 1958
Poster of The Unearthly
The Unearthly
Raymond Guth was:
Played: Police Officer Miller
Fri, Jun 28 1957
Poster of The Flesh Merchant
The Flesh Merchant
Raymond Guth was:
Sat, Jan 14 1956
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