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Portrait of Pierre Frag

Pierre Frag

Born: Sun, Apr 07 1929 - Thu, Jun 26 1986
years old
Poster of Marriage of the Century
Marriage of the Century
Pierre Frag was:
Played: L'aide de camp
Tue, Oct 08 1985
Poster of My New Partner
My New Partner
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Pierrot
Wed, Sep 19 1984
Poster of Pinot Simple-Flic
Pinot Simple-Flic
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Bertrand, le patron de sex-shop
Wed, Jun 06 1984
Poster of The Bodyguard
The Bodyguard
Pierre Frag was:
Played: L' automobiliste au bord du ravin
Wed, Feb 15 1984
Poster of Barbarous Street
Barbarous Street
Pierre Frag was:
Wed, Jan 04 1984
Poster of The Ruffian
The Ruffian
Pierre Frag was:
Played: John
Wed, Jan 12 1983
Poster of San-Antonio ne pense qu'à ça
San-Antonio ne pense qu'à ça
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Alfred
Wed, May 20 1981
Poster of Asphalt
Pierre Frag was:
Played: The Suitcase Merchant
Wed, Jan 07 1981
Poster of Buffet Froid
Buffet Froid
Pierre Frag was:
Played: L'homme divorcé
Wed, Dec 19 1979
Poster of La Menace
La Menace
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Maurice
Wed, Sep 28 1977
Poster of The Night of Saint-Germain-des-Prés
The Night of Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Pierre Frag was:
Wed, Jun 01 1977
Poster of Mr. Klein
Mr. Klein
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Le Marchand de Journaux (uncredited)
Thu, Sep 23 1976
Poster of Somewhere, Someone
Somewhere, Someone
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Le petit homme du bar
Wed, Oct 18 1972
Poster of Last Known Address
Last Known Address
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Sandwich man (uncredited)
Wed, Feb 25 1970
Poster of La Coqueluche
La Coqueluche
Pierre Frag was:
Played: un chef de gare
Fri, May 30 1969
Poster of The Taking of Power by Louis XIV
The Taking of Power by Louis XIV
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Marinier
Sat, Oct 08 1966
Poster of The Wise Guys
The Wise Guys
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Fanfan
Fri, Oct 22 1965
Poster of The Lovers
The Lovers
Pierre Frag was:
Wed, Nov 05 1958
Poster of Elevator to the Gallows
Elevator to the Gallows
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Un Consommateur à la Brasserie (uncredited)
Wed, Jan 29 1958
Poster of Crazeologie
Pierre Frag was:
Played: Frede
Fri, Jan 01 1954
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