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Mike Lane

Mike Lane

Born: Fri, Jan 06 1933
years old
Demon Keeper
Mike Lane was:
Played: Asmodeus (The Demon)
Fri, May 06 1994
Curse of the Crystal Eye
Mike Lane was:
Played: Hashim
Sun, Nov 10 1991
Code Name: Zebra
Mike Lane was:
Played: Carmine Longo
Thu, Jan 01 1987
The Cold War Killers
Mike Lane was:
Played: Foreman
Wed, Jan 01 1986
Mike Lane was:
Played: Kardis
Fri, Sep 02 1983
Zebra Force
Mike Lane was:
Played: Carmine Longo
Sun, Apr 11 1976
The Master Gunfighter
Mike Lane was:
Played: Frewen
Fri, Oct 03 1975
A Name for Evil
Mike Lane was:
Played: Fats
Mon, Jan 01 1973
Stay Away, Joe
Mike Lane was:
Played: Frank Hawk (as Michael Lane)
Fri, Mar 08 1968
The Way West
Mike Lane was:
Played: Sioux Chief (as Michael Lane)
Wed, May 24 1967
Valley of the Dragons
Mike Lane was:
Played: Anoka
Tue, Oct 31 1961
Who Was That Lady?
Mike Lane was:
Played: Glinka (as Michael Lane)
Fri, Apr 08 1960
Frankenstein 1970
Mike Lane was:
Played: Hans Himmler / The Monster
Sun, Jul 20 1958
Hell Canyon Outlaws
Mike Lane was:
Played: Henchman Nels
Sat, Oct 05 1957
The Harder They Fall
Mike Lane was:
Played: Toro Moreno
Wed, May 09 1956
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