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John Cairney

John Cairney

Born: Sun, Feb 16 1930
years old
Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan
John Cairney was:
Played: Himself
Sun, Nov 27 2011
Memory & Desire
John Cairney was:
Played: Marriage Celebrant
Thu, Jan 01 1998
Silent Mouse
John Cairney was:
Played: Father Ambrosius
Sun, Dec 25 1988
Henry IV Part 1
John Cairney was:
Played: Archibald
Sun, Dec 09 1979
Sporting Chance
John Cairney was:
Played: The Jenkin Brothers
Wed, Jan 01 1975
Spaceflight IC-1
John Cairney was:
Played: Dr. Steven Thomas
Sun, Aug 01 1965
The Devil-Ship Pirates
John Cairney was:
Played: Harry
Fri, May 15 1964
Jason and the Argonauts
John Cairney was:
Played: Hylas
Wed, Jun 19 1963
John Cairney was:
Played: Bridie
Tue, Aug 01 1961
The Flesh and the Fiends
John Cairney was:
Played: Chris Jackson
Tue, Feb 02 1960
Marriage of Convenience
John Cairney was:
Played: Larry Wilson
Fri, Jan 01 1960
Operation Bullshine
John Cairney was:
Played: Gunner Willie Ross
Tue, Jun 30 1959
A Night to Remember
John Cairney was:
Played: Mr. Murphy
Thu, Jul 03 1958
Windom's Way
John Cairney was:
Played: Jan Vidal
Sat, Dec 07 1957
Lucky Jim
John Cairney was:
Played: Roberts
Tue, Sep 17 1957
Ill Met by Moonlight
John Cairney was:
Played: Elias
Thu, Jan 31 1957
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