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Portrait of Herb Voland

Herb Voland

Born: Wed, Oct 02 1918 - Sun, Apr 26 1981
years old
Poster of The Munsters' Revenge
The Munsters' Revenge
Herb Voland was:
Played: Police Chief Harry Boyle
Thu, Jan 01 1981
Poster of The Formula
The Formula
Herb Voland was:
Played: Geologist #3
Fri, Dec 19 1980
Poster of Airplane!
Herb Voland was:
Played: Air Controller Macias
Wed, Jul 02 1980
Poster of The North Avenue Irregulars
The North Avenue Irregulars
Herb Voland was:
Played: Dr. Fulton
Fri, Feb 09 1979
Poster of American Raspberry
American Raspberry
Herb Voland was:
Played: Admiral Taft
Mon, Sep 12 1977
Poster of Tail Gunner Joe
Tail Gunner Joe
Herb Voland was:
Played: Sen. Raymond Baldwin
Sun, Feb 06 1977
Poster of The Death of Richie
The Death of Richie
Herb Voland was:
Played: Morris Polk
Mon, Jan 10 1977
Poster of The Manhandlers
The Manhandlers
Herb Voland was:
Played: Pruitt
Wed, Dec 04 1974
Poster of Death Sentence
Death Sentence
Herb Voland was:
Played: Lowell Hayes
Wed, Oct 02 1974
Poster of Another Nice Mess
Another Nice Mess
Herb Voland was:
Played: Spiro
Wed, Aug 23 1972
Poster of In Name Only
In Name Only
Herb Voland was:
Played: Sgt. Mulligan
Tue, Nov 25 1969
Poster of The Love God?
The Love God?
Herb Voland was:
Played: Atty. General Frederick Snow
Fri, Aug 01 1969
Poster of With Six You Get Eggroll
With Six You Get Eggroll
Herb Voland was:
Played: Harry Scott
Wed, Aug 07 1968
Poster of The Shakiest Gun in the West
The Shakiest Gun in the West
Herb Voland was:
Played: Dr. Friedlander
Wed, Jul 10 1968
Poster of Scalplock
Herb Voland was:
Played: Buckeye Sullivan
Sun, Apr 10 1966
Poster of The Chase
The Chase
Herb Voland was:
Played: Dental Delegate (uncredited)
Fri, Feb 18 1966
Poster of The Iceman Cometh
The Iceman Cometh
Herb Voland was:
Played: Moran (as Herbert Voland)
Mon, Nov 14 1960
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