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Portrait of Harry Landis

Harry Landis

Born: Wed, Nov 25 1931 - Mon, Sep 12 2022
years old
Poster of Edge of Tomorrow
Edge of Tomorrow
Harry Landis was:
Played: Old Man 3
Tue, May 27 2014
Poster of Wall of Silence
Wall of Silence
Harry Landis was:
Played: Moishe Smelker
Sun, Oct 17 1993
Poster of A Wall of Silence
A Wall of Silence
Harry Landis was:
Played: Moishe Smelker
Thu, Jun 10 1993
Poster of Journey of No Return
Journey of No Return
Harry Landis was:
Played: Conductor
Wed, May 05 1993
Poster of The Grass Arena
The Grass Arena
Harry Landis was:
Played: Kaufman
Sun, Jan 19 1992
Poster of One Last Chance
One Last Chance
Harry Landis was:
Played: Alfie
Sun, Oct 07 1990
Poster of Edge of Sanity
Edge of Sanity
Harry Landis was:
Played: Coroner
Fri, Apr 14 1989
Poster of The Caucasian Chalk Circle
The Caucasian Chalk Circle
Harry Landis was:
Played: Alleko/Governor/Farmer 1/Peasant Husband/Peasant Neighbour
Tue, Jan 01 1985
Poster of Law & Order
Law & Order
Harry Landis was:
Played: MP
Thu, Apr 06 1978
Poster of The Mayor's Charity
The Mayor's Charity
Harry Landis was:
Played: Jourdemayne Griffiths
Tue, Nov 29 1977
Poster of Oy Vay Maria
Oy Vay Maria
Harry Landis was:
Played: Lionel
Tue, Nov 08 1977
Poster of Bar Mitzvah Boy
Bar Mitzvah Boy
Harry Landis was:
Played: Solly
Tue, Sep 14 1976
Poster of Ransom
Harry Landis was:
Played: Lookout Pilot
Fri, Dec 06 1974
Poster of Go for a Take
Go for a Take
Harry Landis was:
Played: Maurice
Tue, Dec 12 1972
Poster of The Villa Maroc
The Villa Maroc
Harry Landis was:
Played: Inspector Fazil
Thu, Feb 17 1972
Poster of Billy Liar
Billy Liar
Harry Landis was:
Played: Man on Train (uncredited)
Thu, Aug 15 1963
Poster of Doctor in Distress
Doctor in Distress
Harry Landis was:
Played: Man in Cafe (uncredited)
Tue, Jul 30 1963
Poster of Calculated Risk
Calculated Risk
Harry Landis was:
Played: Charlie
Fri, Jun 07 1963
Poster of The Small World of Sammy Lee
The Small World of Sammy Lee
Harry Landis was:
Played: Lucky Dave's Clumsy Barman
Sat, Apr 20 1963
Poster of The Longest Day
The Longest Day
Harry Landis was:
Played: British Soldier (uncredited)
Tue, Sep 25 1962
Poster of Operation Bullshine
Operation Bullshine
Harry Landis was:
Played: Gunner Wilkinson
Tue, Jun 30 1959
Poster of Desert Mice
Desert Mice
Harry Landis was:
Played: German Soldier (uncredited)
Mon, Jan 05 1959
Poster of Further Up the Creek
Further Up the Creek
Harry Landis was:
Played: Webster
Tue, Oct 28 1958
Poster of Dunkirk
Harry Landis was:
Played: Dr. Levy
Thu, Mar 20 1958
Poster of Bitter Victory
Bitter Victory
Harry Landis was:
Played: Private Browning
Wed, Aug 28 1957
Poster of A Hill in Korea
A Hill in Korea
Harry Landis was:
Played: Pvt. Rabin
Tue, Sep 18 1956
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