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Portrait of Gina Gallego

Gina Gallego

Born: Wed, Nov 30 1955
years old
Poster of Chance at Romance
Chance at Romance
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Gallery Owner
Thu, Feb 20 2014
Poster of Forev
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Casting Director
Sat, Jun 15 2013
Poster of Last Call at the Oasis
Last Call at the Oasis
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Ms. Sanchez (archive footage)
Fri, Sep 09 2011
Poster of Healing Hands
Healing Hands
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Ginny Jones
Sat, Mar 20 2010
Poster of Duress
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Rosa
Thu, Aug 20 2009
Poster of Life Blood
Life Blood
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Patricia
Tue, Jun 16 2009
Poster of Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Shelter Director
Fri, Oct 03 2008
Poster of Winged Creatures
Winged Creatures
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Waitress
Tue, Jun 24 2008
Poster of Murder Without Conviction
Murder Without Conviction
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Maria Santos Padilla
Thu, Feb 12 2004
Poster of Anger Management
Anger Management
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Bar Waitress
Fri, Apr 11 2003
Poster of Minority Report
Minority Report
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Thu, Jun 20 2002
Poster of Erin Brockovich
Erin Brockovich
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Ms. Sanchez
Fri, Mar 17 2000
Poster of Mind Rage
Mind Rage
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Capt. Helen Meyers
Sun, Jun 01 1997
Poster of Ride with the Wind
Ride with the Wind
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Dr. Stein
Mon, Apr 18 1994
Poster of Judgment Day: The John List Story
Judgment Day: The John List Story
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Janet
Tue, Feb 23 1993
Poster of The Switch
The Switch
Gina Gallego was:
Played: ICU Nurse
Sun, Jan 17 1993
Poster of Exiled in America
Exiled in America
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Conchita Ruiz
Wed, Nov 04 1992
Poster of Keeper of the City
Keeper of the City
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Elena
Fri, Dec 20 1991
Poster of Personals
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Theresa Casona
Wed, Feb 28 1990
Poster of My Demon Lover
My Demon Lover
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Sonia
Fri, Apr 24 1987
Poster of The Men's Club
The Men's Club
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Felicia
Fri, Sep 19 1986
Poster of Lust in the Dust
Lust in the Dust
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Ninfa
Wed, Nov 14 1984
Poster of Deadly Force
Deadly Force
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Maria
Fri, Jul 08 1983
Poster of Cheaper to Keep Her
Cheaper to Keep Her
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Sister #1
Thu, Jan 01 1981
Poster of The Champ
The Champ
Gina Gallego was:
Played: Cuban Girl
Tue, Jul 10 1979
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