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Portrait of Gary Raymond

Gary Raymond

Born: Sat, Apr 20 1935
years old
Poster of National Theatre Live: Follies
National Theatre Live: Follies
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Dimitri Weismann
Thu, Nov 16 2017
Poster of Empathy
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Walt
Sat, Aug 04 2007
Poster of The Foreigner
The Foreigner
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Jared Olyphant
Sun, Jun 01 2003
Poster of The Children Of Dynmouth
The Children Of Dynmouth
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Quentin Featherston
Fri, Apr 24 1987
Poster of Moving on the Edge
Moving on the Edge
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Michael
Tue, Mar 06 1984
Poster of The Two Faces of Evil
The Two Faces of Evil
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Martin
Sat, Nov 29 1980
Poster of The Switch
The Switch
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Sergei
Mon, Jun 07 1976
Poster of Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Orsino
Mon, Jan 06 1969
Poster of Massacre Harbor
Massacre Harbor
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Sgt. Jack Moffitt
Sat, Aug 17 1968
Poster of Red and Blue
Red and Blue
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Songwriter
Thu, Aug 08 1968
Poster of The Greatest Story Ever Told
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Simon Peter
Mon, Feb 15 1965
Poster of Traitor's Gate
Traitor's Gate
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Graham / Dick
Fri, Dec 18 1964
Poster of Jason and the Argonauts
Jason and the Argonauts
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Acastus
Wed, Jun 19 1963
Poster of The Playboy of the Western World
The Playboy of the Western World
Gary Raymond was:
Played: The Playboy (Christy Mahon)
Mon, Dec 31 1962
Poster of El Cid
El Cid
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Prince Sancho
Tue, Oct 24 1961
Poster of The Millionairess
The Millionairess
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Alastair
Tue, Oct 18 1960
Poster of Suddenly, Last Summer
Suddenly, Last Summer
Gary Raymond was:
Played: George Holly
Tue, Dec 22 1959
Poster of Look Back in Anger
Look Back in Anger
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Cliff Lewis
Tue, Sep 15 1959
Poster of The Moonraker
The Moonraker
Gary Raymond was:
Played: Charles Stuart
Sat, Aug 02 1958
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