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Elfriede Datzig

Elfriede Datzig

Born: Wed, Jul 26 1922 - Sun, Jan 27 1946
years old
Wienfilm 1896-1976
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Self
Sat, Jan 01 1977
The False Bride
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Rosl Mang
Sat, Mar 03 1945
Sieben Briefe
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Lilly Burger
Tue, Mar 28 1944
Schwarz auf weiß
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Nelly
Thu, Oct 28 1943
Trip Acquaintance
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Elli Werner
Thu, Oct 07 1943
Der ewige Klang
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Therese
Fri, Jun 18 1943
Der Ochsenkrieg
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Julia Someiner
Sat, Jan 16 1943
Die heimliche Gräfin
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Gräfin Dorival
Thu, Aug 27 1942
The Waitress Anna
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Veronika
Wed, Oct 22 1941
Meine Tochter lebt in Wien
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Gretl Klaghofer
Tue, Jul 16 1940
Anthony the Last
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Leni Lugauer
Thu, Nov 30 1939
Hotel Sacher
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Frau Stoppeling
Sat, Apr 15 1939
The Restless Girls
Elfriede Datzig was:
Played: Franzi / F: Francine
Fri, Feb 11 1938
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