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Dort Clark

Dort Clark

Born: Mon, Oct 01 1917 - Thu, Mar 30 1989
years old
Cameron's Closet
Dort Clark was:
Played: Alan Wilson
Fri, Dec 02 1988
Time Travelers
Dort Clark was:
Played: Sharkey (1871)
Fri, Mar 19 1976
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex *But Were Afraid to Ask
Dort Clark was:
Played: Sheriff
Sun, Aug 06 1972
Fools' Parade
Dort Clark was:
Played: Enoch Purdy
Wed, Aug 18 1971
The Out-of-Towners
Dort Clark was:
Played: Man on Train
Thu, May 28 1970
The Chase
Dort Clark was:
Played: Chief of Police (uncredited)
Fri, Feb 18 1966
The Loved One
Dort Clark was:
Played: Col. Burt
Mon, Oct 11 1965
In Harm's Way
Dort Clark was:
Played: Boston
Mon, Apr 05 1965
Fate Is the Hunter
Dort Clark was:
Played: Ted Wilson
Sun, Nov 08 1964
I'd Rather Be Rich
Dort Clark was:
Played: Albert
Tue, Aug 25 1964
Arsenic & Old Lace
Dort Clark was:
Played: Officer Brophy
Mon, Feb 05 1962
Bells Are Ringing
Dort Clark was:
Played: Inspector Barnes
Thu, Jun 23 1960
Wonderful Town
Dort Clark was:
Played: Chick Clark
Sun, Nov 30 1958
The Sleeping City
Dort Clark was:
Wed, Sep 20 1950
Kiss of Death
Dort Clark was:
Played: Man in Car (uncredited)
Wed, Aug 27 1947
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