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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Born: Sun, Sep 25 1932
years old
Grave Tales
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Arthur
Sat, Apr 30 2011
The Booze Cruise III: The Scattering
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Maurice
Sun, May 21 2006
The Booze Cruise II: The Treasure Hunt
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Maurice Stringer
Sun, Dec 25 2005
Room 36
Brian Murphy was:
Played: George Roberts
Thu, Sep 15 2005
The Booze Cruise
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Maurice
Sun, Sep 07 2003
On Your Way, Riley!
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Arthur Lucan
Wed, Jan 02 1985
It's Your Move
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Chauffeur
Mon, Oct 18 1982
Black Jack
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Archibald
Mon, Sep 14 1981
George & Mildred
Brian Murphy was:
Played: George Roper
Fri, Oct 10 1980
The Plank
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Van Driver at Timber Yard
Mon, Dec 17 1979
I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Caretaker
Sun, Feb 15 1976
Man About the House
Brian Murphy was:
Played: George
Sun, Dec 22 1974
The Ragman's Daughter
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Tony's father
Sat, Jan 01 1972
The Boy Friend
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Peter
Thu, Dec 16 1971
The Devils
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Adam
Thu, Jul 01 1971
San Ferry Ann
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Englishman at Garage
Thu, Jul 01 1965
The Diary of a Nobody
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Mr. Gowing
Sat, Dec 12 1964
Sparrows Can't Sing
Brian Murphy was:
Played: Jack
Tue, Mar 26 1963
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