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Portrait of Billy Beck

Billy Beck

Born: Wed, May 26 1920 - Wed, Jun 29 2011
years old
Poster of Just Like Heaven
Just Like Heaven
Billy Beck was:
Played: Mr. Clarke
Fri, Sep 16 2005
Poster of Poodle Springs
Poodle Springs
Billy Beck was:
Played: Old Man in Jail
Sat, Jul 25 1998
Poster of Leprechaun 2
Leprechaun 2
Billy Beck was:
Played: Homeless Man
Thu, Apr 07 1994
Poster of Another You
Another You
Billy Beck was:
Played: Harry
Fri, Jul 26 1991
Poster of The Killing Mind
The Killing Mind
Billy Beck was:
Played: Digby
Tue, Apr 23 1991
Poster of Guilty As Charged
Guilty As Charged
Billy Beck was:
Played: Old Man
Fri, Mar 01 1991
Poster of Checking Out
Checking Out
Billy Beck was:
Played: Father Carmody
Fri, Apr 21 1989
Poster of Near Dark
Near Dark
Billy Beck was:
Played: Motel Manager
Fri, Oct 02 1987
Poster of Amazing Stories
Amazing Stories
Billy Beck was:
Played: Old Blind Man / Caretaker
Thu, Jul 10 1986
Poster of House
Billy Beck was:
Played: Priest
Thu, Feb 27 1986
Poster of Moving Violations
Moving Violations
Billy Beck was:
Played: Grandfather
Fri, Apr 19 1985
Poster of Avenging Angel
Avenging Angel
Billy Beck was:
Played: Tall Man
Fri, Jan 11 1985
Poster of The Woman in Red
The Woman in Red
Billy Beck was:
Played: Bartender
Wed, Aug 15 1984
Poster of Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party
Billy Beck was:
Played: Patient
Fri, Jun 29 1984
Poster of Invitation to Hell
Invitation to Hell
Billy Beck was:
Played: Mover
Thu, May 24 1984
Poster of Things Are Tough All Over
Things Are Tough All Over
Billy Beck was:
Played: Pop
Wed, Aug 04 1982
Poster of The Black Marble
The Black Marble
Billy Beck was:
Played: Man at Cemetery
Fri, Mar 07 1980
Poster of Stranger in Our House
Stranger in Our House
Billy Beck was:
Played: Sheriff
Thu, Aug 16 1979
Poster of Nickelodeon
Billy Beck was:
Played: Movie Fanatic
Tue, Dec 21 1976
Poster of Airport 1975
Airport 1975
Billy Beck was:
Played: Funeral Director (uncredited)
Fri, Oct 18 1974
Poster of Dirty O'Neil
Dirty O'Neil
Billy Beck was:
Played: Craddock
Wed, May 01 1974
Poster of Yours, Mine and Ours
Yours, Mine and Ours
Billy Beck was:
Played: Short Man in Cafe (uncredited)
Wed, Apr 24 1968
Poster of Irma la Douce
Irma la Douce
Billy Beck was:
Played: Officer Dupont
Wed, Jun 05 1963
Poster of The Incredible Doktor Markesan
The Incredible Doktor Markesan
Billy Beck was:
Played: Prof. Grant
Sun, Feb 25 1962
Poster of Two Men in Manhattan
Two Men in Manhattan
Billy Beck was:
Played: Le Partenaire de Judith Nelson sur Scène
Fri, Oct 16 1959
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