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Portrait of Bartlett Mullins

Bartlett Mullins

Born: Sat, Aug 13 1904 - Fri, May 15 1992
years old
Poster of Sex and the Other Woman
Sex and the Other Woman
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Henry
Sat, Dec 30 1972
Poster of Half a Sixpence
Half a Sixpence
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Carshott
Thu, Dec 21 1967
Poster of Frankenstein Created Woman
Frankenstein Created Woman
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Bystander (uncredited)
Wed, Mar 15 1967
Poster of The Diary of a Nobody
The Diary of a Nobody
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Farmerson
Sat, Dec 12 1964
Poster of Doctor Who: The Sensorites
Doctor Who: The Sensorites
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Second Elder
Sat, Aug 01 1964
Poster of Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Mr. Peters - News Agent Shop Owner (uncredited)
Mon, May 16 1960
Poster of Sapphire
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Newsagent
Mon, Nov 02 1959
Poster of Robbery Under Arms
Robbery Under Arms
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Paddy
Thu, Jan 10 1957
Poster of 1984
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Syme
Tue, Mar 06 1956
Poster of The Quatermass Xperiment
The Quatermass Xperiment
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Zookeeper (uncredited)
Fri, Aug 26 1955
Poster of To Dorothy, a Son
To Dorothy, a Son
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Mechanic (uncredited)
Sun, Oct 31 1954
Poster of They Got What They Wanted
They Got What They Wanted
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Tom Cassidy
Tue, Mar 30 1954
Poster of Conflict of Wings
Conflict of Wings
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: 'Soapy'
Mon, Mar 29 1954
Poster of The Drayton Case
The Drayton Case
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Mr Taylor
Sun, Feb 01 1953
Poster of Ha'penny Breeze
Ha'penny Breeze
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Windy
Sun, Jan 01 1950
Poster of The Three Weird Sisters
The Three Weird Sisters
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Dispenser
Thu, Feb 26 1948
Poster of Dancing with Crime
Dancing with Crime
Bartlett Mullins was:
Played: Club Barman (uncredited)
Wed, Jun 25 1947
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