Portrait of Aleta Morrison

Aleta Morrison

Born: Fri, Apr 01 1932
Birthplace: Bromley, England, UK
91 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Bond Girls Are Forever
Bond Girls Are Forever
Aleta Morrison was:
Played: Flying Circus Pilot (archive footage) (uncredited)
Wed, Nov 06 2002
Poster of Half a Sixpence
Half a Sixpence
Aleta Morrison was:
Played: Laura
Thu, Dec 21 1967
Poster of Goldfinger
Aleta Morrison was:
Played: Flying Circus - Champegne Leader (uncredited)
Sun, Sep 20 1964
Poster of The Sicilians
The Sicilians
Aleta Morrison was:
Played: Speciality Dancer
Tue, Jan 01 1963
Poster of Petticoat Pirates
Petticoat Pirates
Aleta Morrison was:
Played: Frog Girl
Wed, Nov 01 1961

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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